Work • Year: 2021

KÉK Tudástár web development, and design management

Web development, and UI design for KÉK Tudástár, a knowledgebase for browsing, reading and researching Contemporary Architecture Center Budapest's library, and publications.


Kortárs Építészeti Központ Alapítvány


Barba Kecskés


Me – Márton Lente


  • Web design
  • Web development
KÉK Tudástár website UI design and development

Kortárs Építészeti Központ (Contemporary Architecture Center Budapest) is a fundation of professionals and volunteers, managing, organizing and researching architecture-related initiatives. They hired my team to design and develop KÉK Tudástár (Knowledgebase), an organized web platform for browsing, reading and researching the fundation's library, and publications. Together with my partner, graphic designer Barba Kecskés we created a web UI that builds and extends KÉK's brand identity, while providing a pleasant UX for users searching in KÉK's huge database, or immersing themselves in reading of the fundation's beautiful publications and library material.