Web development

I develop custom-designed websites, with simple content management.

Front-end development

I do creative front-end web development of standards-compliant responsive websites

I do front-end web development of custom-designed websites, with high design-fidelity, and technical quality. Having a background in design too, and respecting web standards ensure high quality site builds.

Involved services


I lay out your website's content in standards compliant, semantic code. I write clean code, that makes styling, and interactive development easier, and that search engines prefer.


I write well-architected, scalable cascading style sheets for your website. It enables me to build decent-looking responsive websites, that deliver same user experience across devices.

JavaScript and jQuery

I implement dynamic features into your website that work the way they were designed, by developing custom scripts. It powers animations, image galleries, search, and your website's specific needs.

Recent work

Personal brand design, web design, and web development

Client: Me

3h Architecture custom-designed website development

Client: 3h Architecture Kft.

Perch CMS development

I integrate Perch CMS – a premium content management system into custom websites

I do Perch CMS content management system development and support for your custom-built website, for easy editing. Perch doesn't dictate design, nor site build, enabling me to deliver unique experiences for your website.

Involved services

Perch CMS integration

I integrate Pech CMS into your website, as part of my web development services. I base Perch development specifically on your content, which makes content management highly personalized, and easy.

Perch CMS support

You may find editing in Perch much easier than other CMSs like WordPress, because of its highly personalized and friendly nature. I provide support though, to make sure you use most out of its features.

Recent work

3h Architecture custom-designed website development

Client: 3h Architecture Kft.

Website management

I do all-round management of small websites, domain, and web hosting

I do all-round management of small static, or Perch CMS-based websites. I provide website domain and hosting management, as well as website maintenance like migration and third-party service integration.

Involved services

Domain and web hosting management

I may take care of the technical part of running your website, by setting up and managing your domain and web hosting. I may help choosing the right options for your specific needs too.

Website maintenance

I do all-round maintenance of static, or Perch CMS-based websites, like migrating your website accross severs, managing search indexing, and integrating third-party services.

My process

I follow a process, which frames all my work

My process frames all my work, yet respects your project's uniqueness. I always develop a more detailed schedule as we decide to work together on a project though, that I adjust to meet your needs.

Involved steps

1. Consult

I consult the project with you. You describe your project and its objectives, as well its timeframe. Then I make sure, I can help you.

2. Develop schedule, proposal, and contract

I develop a schedule, and suggest a proposal for your poject. If we agree on the contract, we start working together.

3. Research

I do research for your project, in a justified manner. Searching, and setting benchmarks at start guides us in the process later.

4. Design and develop

I design, visualize, or develop the assets, specific to the project. I give you insight into my work, and implement your feedback.

5. Deliver

I do refinement, and create all deliverables for your project. I make sure, all deliverables are properly sent or deployed.

6. Support and maintain

I provide support and maintenance for you, if your project requires. Some projects need maintenance annually, or on a schedule.

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Involved services

  • Brand design
  • Web design
  • Visualization
  • Front-end development
  • Perch CMS development
  • Website management

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