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Non-commercial, high design-fidelity product visualizations of Hans Wegner furniture.

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Hans Wegner furniture product visualization studies

Hans Wegner was a world-renowned furniture designer. His work inspired me to create non-commercial, high design-fidelity 3d models of his iconic designs, the CH33 chair, and the CH102 sofa. My intention was to make accurate poly models of the furnitures by studying them, and show the forms' details in a neutral space.




Hans Wegner





Hans Wegner CH33 chair front visualization
Hans Wegner CH33 chair detail visualization
Hans Wegner CH102 sofa front visualization


My press coverage

My work has been published in various design media

My work, web designs, visualizations has been widely published in various authoritative design media – especially in connection with our personal, lamp project LUMINOSE, with Elizabeth Zimmerer. Here are a few highlights below. Google it, or contact me for more details.

Marie Claire
Trend Hunter
Yanko Design


I'm publishing additional works very soon

I'm publishing some additional works behind the scenes, web designs, and visualizations, following my website launch with the works above. I'm working on my blog too. You may subscribe below, so that I can notify you about important changes, few times a year.

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