I deliver bespoke branding, and brand-driven visualization services.

Brand design

I design meaningful logos and brand stationery on a strategic manner

I do strategic brand design for your company. I design logos and brand identity systems, based on deep understanding of your brand and audiences, that form a unique and cohesive message.

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Brand consulting

I consult your brand with you. We talk, do research and analysis to make sure your brand will stand for its values from naming to look and feel. This establishes the design process.

Logo design

I design meaningful and distinctive logotypes for your brand, that work on different mediums. My logos deliver the intended message, using typography, form and colour effectively.

Stationary design

I design brand stationery, business cards, email signatures, and other assets, using your logo as a foundation. These extend the brand onto different mediums consistently.

Graphic standards manual

I deliver a graphic standards manual to you as part of my services, that defines the core aspects of the complete identity design. These brand guidelines ensure consistent use of brand assets in future.

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I do architectural and product visualization, that deliver your vision to people

I do state of the art visualizations for the real estate, architects and designers. Being trained as an architectural artist, but specialized in branding I deliver your vision to people, with confidence.

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Architectural visualization

I create high-quality architectural and interior design visualizations, that capture not only the building, but the nature of the space. I create still images and 3D animation for marketing, instead of 'design support' purposes, so that my work starts when you made your design decisions.

Product visualization

I create visualizations of products, applying real-world product photography and studio lighting principles. This enables photo-realistic presentation of your work-in-progress designs, ready to be featured on websites and in magazines.

Visualization tech consulting

I provide high-level hardware and network advisory for your small design studio on Windows, to build successful IT solutions on budget, and greatly improve 'in-house' visualizations' quality.

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My process

I follow a process, which frames all my work

My process frames all my work, yet respects your project's uniqueness. I always develop a more detailed schedule as we decide to work together on a project though, that I adjust to meet your needs.

Involved steps

1. Consult

I consult the project with you. You describe your project and its objectives, as well its timeframe. Then I make sure, I can help you.

2. Develop schedule, proposal, and contract

I develop a schedule, and suggest a proposal for your poject. If we agree on the contract, we start working together.

3. Research

I do research for your project, in a justified manner. Searching, and setting benchmarks at start guides us in the process later.

4. Design and develop

I design, visualize, or develop the assets, specific to the project. I give you insight into my work, and implement your feedback.

5. Deliver

I do refinement, and create all deliverables for your project. I make sure, all deliverables are properly sent or deployed.

6. Support and maintain

I provide support and maintenance for you, if your project requires. Some projects need maintenance annually, or on a schedule.

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