My name is Márton Lente, I live in Budapest, Hungary, and work on design, and web development projects at LOFFICE, a coworking place.


I do, discuss, and learn design and web development in my everyday work

My interest in brand, design and web development started early, from a biased interest in architecture. I specialized in these fields during my art university years, and started my business 2016.

My studies

Deák Téri Evangélikus Gimnázium

Budapest, 2007-2009

I studied and graduated at this secondary school, which helped in shaping my interests, and practice learning in general. Its really supportive atmosphere, and kindly-high expectations accelerated my future plans. This school has by far the largest impact on what, and how I do today.


Corvin Drawing School

Budapest, 2009-2010

I dedicated a year to learn academical drawing in this school, right after my graduation. Corvin helped me develop good study drawing skills, and keen observation for proportion and detail, on a highly managed manner. These skills and mindset is so central in my everyday work.


Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Budapest, 2010-2016

I went to this art university because of my early peripheral-biased interest in architecture. University helped me understand architecture, and develop responsible design thinking. During my MA years I focused on my primary fields of interests, and visited media departments.


MOME ID Digital Product Designer and UX Designer

Budapest, 2015-2016

I studied user interface and user experience design during my MA studies. The course covered a lot about professional UX research and workflow, as well as UI design. It helped learning the basics, as well as shaping my future studies within the fields.


My story

I have significant bias to architecture in my family, which formed my interests and studies from day one. I was listening to conversations on architecture from childhood, but my interest aroused from not the design, but the presentation side. I was amazed by architectural visualizations of unbuilt designs.

I started architectural visualization in secondary school, 2007. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Studio IN-EX, producing high-quality architectural visualization that time. A year later I started studying at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design 2009.

I applied for MOME with the intention to understand architecture, and get better at communicating it. An art university better leveraged my interests because of its learning potential in adjacent fields, like graphic design and media. The quality of education – to my disappointment – was below my expectations in many aspects, but at least it enabled me to learn from different sources too, and not stop working on exciting projects at different architectural studios along my studies.

School tasks and design contests were good for practicing visual communication, telling complex ideas in different ways. The breakout came 2014, when I established LUMINOSE, a lamp product with Elizabeth Zimmerer – my former university classmate – which enabled me to work through every stage of digital product development, from design to code. I further shifted my focus to brand, design and web development, based on the great experience and international exposure we had with the project.

I started my own business 2016, based on university MA studies, work experience, and passion for doing what I love most on a daily basis. In the first years I primarily worked for architectural and design studios on various brands, design and web development projects. I look forward to the next years with a lot of curiosity, and openness!

Responsible business operator

From the beginnings, I strive for maximum transparency, and the most ethical business conduct in my business. I am proud to do my job with legal, licensed software and 3D assets in one hundred percent, which is a rare in the field of 3D architectural visualization industry, especially in Hungary. In order to stay competitive within the legal framework, continuous learning and hard work is needed, I hope you'll appreciate.

Volunteer computing

Although I work alone in my business, due to the high hardware requirements of 3D architectural visualization, my hardware equipment is equivalent to an average small business's of 8-10 people. Out of office time, I donate the hardware resources of my devices to the 'Mapping Cancer Markers' cancer research project on the 'IBM World Community Grid' volunteer network. I am currently owning 'Sapphire' badge, with more than two years of computation time given.


I live on the edge of design and technology. I enjoy monitoring their matching evolvement, being part of it, and feeling their good impact on our daily lives. I'm grateful for the interesting times we live in.

Recently I'm very interested in human biology, and psychology sciences. I like spending my free time reading textbooks on the subject. I really welcome projects, that have to do something with the latter!

My clients

I work with small to medium businesses

I work with my clients on various timeframes, but along a continuous discussion, which is central in successful projects. I've worked mostly with architecture and design studios since I started my business in 2016.



3h építésziroda Kft.


Studio A4 Iroda Kft.

Goodwill Property Kft.

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